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Friends has made its way onto Netflix, Clueless is still iconic and fishnets are everywhere. We can all admit there are some trends we want to firmly bury underground (like iced tips or leg warmers), but 90s fashion is well and truly taking over 2018 and we are loving it.


With 2017 seeing the last year of all adults being born before the 2000s, we’re all trying our hardest to cling onto whatever we have left of those younger years and pretend we’re not in the Real World of Adulthood. It’s not just us taking a trip down memory lane though, 90s fashion is taking a resurgence in the music industry too.


We’ve taken inspiration from a couple of our favourite artists who have been bringing the 90s back with their own twists to bring you five different looks.


Photographer: Phoebe Lauren

Stylist: James Lambert @jamesxlambert

Makeup Artists: Chloe Hammond @chloehammondd, Evelina Mockūnaitė @evuleiin

Photo: Jorja Smith for Rollacoaster magazine

Photo: Instagram @hayleykiyoko

Photo: Wendy George for iHeartRadio

Photo: Instagram @SZA

Photo: Pinterest

Model: Lizzie Capewell @s4diowitch

Model: Jordan Low @jordanlow97

Model: Maddy Smith @maddyssmith

Model: Chloe Hammond @chloechammondd

Model: Rosalyn Boder @Rozzyyy23

Photos by: Phoebe Lauren